Carpenter’s walks in the Peak District

We are keen on identifying walks that Edward Carpenter took in the area that is currently the Peak District National Park. The Peak District National Park, having been established in 1951 is well after Carpenter’s time.

So far, our research has identified the following about Carpenter’s walks.

‘he would take lungbursting walks across the Peaks (in sandals, long before they acquired their status as cliché) and preach vegetarianism, a respect for nature and the need for all fellow travellers on the Left to find common ground and unity’.


‘On marathon trek on Easter Sunday, in 1895, Alf Mattison came over with three of his Leeds comrades.  Adams and Carpenter went to Hathersage from Dore and Totley station. The following day they walked down the river Derwent through Grindleford and Bamford, which must have caused a minor stir as they were singing and giving out leaflets. Then they climbed up the shivering mountain mam tor which lived up to its name, they were caught in freezing hail before arriving back to Millthorpe.’


‘With Merrill, Carpenter at last could enjoy angst-free pleasure, Carpenter took another pied-a-terre  in Sheffield at 56, Glover road and the two men stayed there or accompanied one and another on long walks over the moors.’

Many thanks to Uday Nair for this piece of research.

If you know more about this subject, please write to us at

Thank you.


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