Bakewell Old House Museum, where cotton mill workers used to live and prepare raw cotton, possibly just come off the ship from faraway India!

Cotton is grown in many parts of India and sent out to other parts of the world. The water powered cotton mills in the Peak District was where the industrial revolution first started off from! The site is now a UNESCO world heritage site (See In this project we would like to get a fuller picture of this world heritage site – Where and at what price did cotton come to from India to these parts? Where did the dyeing material – indigo come from? Who are the people from the British countryside that traded with Indian agriculturalists etc. There are a lot of questions one can ask, some already in the literature, others not. But certainly, the ordinary visitor to these sites does not come to hear of any of this history.  As many of the members of the Hindu Samaj and its friends have roots in the sub-continent and have grown up there, this project has been designed to get more information and do research to uncover our heritage and add to the local history.


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