Heritage Research Team

The Heritage research are going to be involved in the following activities –

Edward Carpenter collection at Sheffield Archives:

With support from the team at Researching Community Heritage at the University of Sheffield, our group of Indian community members and friends will use the Edward Carpenter Collection at Sheffield Archives. In order for members from the community to gain skills in archival research this activity is set up as a full day workshop. In the morning we will learn how to do research using archives and in the afternoon there will be a hands-on workshop on archive research at the Sheffield Archives.
This activity will provide us with skills that we can not only use for this project but also in future research. We anticipate that this activity will reveal a shared heritage between two nations, between two peoples. It will provide an interpretation on Sheffield and surrounding countryside life and culture, socialism, Hinduism and colonial India that we are interested in knowing about. We will learn about personalities that have influenced and shaped the society in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire a few hundred years ago and the social, spiritual and political influence of the Indian sub-continent on these regions in England.

Edward Carpenter correspondence at Sheffield Archives:

We will return to the Sheffield Archives for a full day at the archives using the Edward Carpenter Collection.  The Collection includes Carpenter’s personal manuscripts, publications and correspondence. We will explore and learn about our heritage by focussing on correspondence and writings of Carpenter. We are interested in the correpondences between Carpenter and Annie Besant and Mahatma Gandhi. We are interested in his publications on vegetarianism, religion and science, Eastern philosophy and inter-racial understanding [archive categories].

Industrial Heritage Workshop:

There will be a full day workshop on industrial heritage of the Peak district  focussing on cotton mills on the Derwent river. This first session will be a set of presentations from a British empire historian and a researcher from the University of Sheffield. Following that, members from the Arkwright society will share their knowledge on Arkwright and his role in revolutionising the use of cotton. There will be opportunity during the day for interactions, for community members to discuss, clarify and share their insights with those invited to the workshop.

Final discussion workshop:

There will be a second and final workshop for the purpose of consolidation from previous visits, activities and workshop, with community members taking the lead, and sharing their experience.  This event will be a full day event led by Hindu Samaj and the  Researching Community Heritage team and will feature small group discussions, short presentations, a quiz and any other activity that will facilitate learning and understanding the heritage. Historians from University of Sheffield, members of Arkwright and Carpenter societies will be invited. Rangers from the PDNP will participate and share their insights and experiences on the area and on developing guided walks on the heritage themes.

Meet the heritage research team

Mrs. Shweta Kamat

Dr. Dinesh Naik

Ms. Pallavi Singh

Mrs. Vibha Shanbhag

Raj Kamat

Dr. Chamu Kuppuswamy

Ms.Suruchi Pacharne

Mr. Sandeep Rajan

Ms. Trupti Khandelwal

Mr. Bhupendra Khandelwal

More to join the team, we are looking for expressions of interest, please email sheffield.hindu.samaj.culture@gmail.com



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